The Master Mystic: His Life & Teachings

The Editorial Board of the “Light of Pandrimalai” believes there is strong need to bring out a book in English, expounding the Life, Teachings and Philosophy of Sri-La-Sri Pandrimalai Swamighal. This would form a powerful foundation and background to guide devotees and postulants towards a more purposeful and full life, established in Service, Truth, Love and Bliss for the eventual attainment of Godhead, the Summum Bonum of life. It is purely with this intention that the “Light of Pandrimalai” is now presenting The Master Mystic – Aasaan Sadguru Pandrimalai Swamighal – One who exemplifies the very essence of all Scriptural codes and conduct.

The Editorial Board submits that this book, on “The Master Mystic”, cannot be held as being exhaustive. What has been written, at best, deals with only a fraction of the greatness and stature of an Illumined Soul, whose wisdom and knowledge knows no bounds. But, even as a candle is sometimes valuable though it bears no comparison with the effulgence of the Sun, this limited endeavour, it is modestly hoped, will bring solace and peace to the readers if not knowledge and beatitude,
at least, in a small way.